is a cleaner alternative to Internet access. While this service provides complete access to the Internet, there are restrictions on offensive material, putting us in a category not shared by other Internet Service Providers (ISP's). We filter offensive content at our servers!! What this means to you and your family has access to the vast and useful information on the Internet, without the risk of stumbling upon pornography, violent or hateful content. We will stop it ourselves so you can have peace of mind.

    For Local Access Numbers contact us at 740-397-4800.

We offer our premier service at a very competitive price.

For just $24.95 per month dial-up, you can have unlimited access and unlimited hours.

 You also can get an email address for you and your family.

You can start your account by contacting us at 1-740-397-4800 and sign up today.

If you currently have access through an ISP and would like to switch  to without going through the signup process, call our office and we will have you online and cruising "the net" in no time flat!!!



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