's Subscriber Referral Program


Do you have friends, family, and associates who are looking for a cleaner internet solution? Will they benefit from an internet provider that protects them and their families from the pornography and other negative material on-line? If so, then refer them to! If they tell us you referred them, you become eligible for a credit of $10.00 per person which will be applied to your access fee; it's that simple.

There's no limit to how many new members you can refer in a day, week, month, or even year.

Referral Process

  1. Tell your friend(s) to call (740) 397-4800 to order their Starter Kit. Make sure that they give your Login ID at the time they sign up. People you refer must tell the customer service representative your account to be properly credited for the $10.00 — be sure that they know your username! They must order from these numbers only.
  2. When a new member registers and mentions you as the referrer, you'll be sent a confirmation email. If there was a problem with the username, the new member will be notified of the error and requested to send an email to clarify who the referrer was.
  3. Once the new referral has been a paying member for 90 days, a credit (a value of $10.00) is applied by eliminating or reducing the charge to your credit card or invoice (or not debiting your bank account) for the next billing cycle.
  4. To review the details of this program, click on the Referral Credit Policy link below.

Referral Credit Policy

Referral Program Assistance
If you think that there are some referrals for which you have not received a confirmation email or credit for,  or you want to know when your referral was paid, please fill out
the referral form.



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